Mu Ar Deidhinn / About Us

Comunn Eachdraidh Nis (CEN) was established in 1977 when the need for a facility to collect and preserve local history was realised.

Minutes from the first meeting read:

“29th June 1977

Four members of the community met this evening to discuss what can be done to collect and preserve the history of the area. It was agreed that use should be made of the ‘Job Creation’ programme and, since applications need to be put forward in the next few days, it was agreed to put together a proposed project. The project will aim to collect old books, photographs, poetry, songs, fishing history along with church and school history. It was also agreed that a board/society should be formed to help steer the project…”

A team was gathered and employed through the Job Creation scheme. They began by visiting homes with their trusty recorders. Little by little, interest in the Comunn Eachdraidh grew and it became obvious that there was a want and need for such a group in the community.

The first ever CEN team: Agnes Gillies, Dolina Finlayson, Norma Macdonald and Donald ‘Ryno’ Morrison

CEN has come a very long way since those early days. We recently celebrated our 40th year and in 2012, we moved to our present premises, the old Cross Primary School in the village of North Dell. We have a very popular cafe and well stocked gift shop on the premises too. We rely on a band of volunteers who come in each week and assist with the upkeep of the archive room records. CEN has become more than just a historical society. It is a community hub for the North Lewis area.

We hope you pay us a visit if you are in the North of Lewis.

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